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Power of Words

Do you have something to share with others? Something you want heard and discussed? This is a place to do it.

Reason in View is a growing hub of voices who take seriously the questions of “reason vs. mysticism,” “egoism vs. altruism,” and “individualism vs. collectivism.”

Though we do not write with a unitary voice, we all desire to spark a new discussion of old truths:

  • Does God want blind faith? Reasoned faith? What is the relation of faith and reason?
  • Why does God tell us to follow him? What should a Christian’s motivation be?
  • Is there a distinctly Christian view of society? Rights? Government?

Enter the growing conversation about these important questions. You’ll learn from others and have a chance to contribute your own ideas.

Supporters, thinkers, writers—at whatever level, we would love to include you.

Our common goal is to propel these topics into wider discussion so that every Christian will think through the topics of mind and motivation.

If you want to write but haven’t started your own blog, this is a great place to get your feet wet. We’re looking for articles from guest contributors.

If you’re looking for articles to point others toward, Reason in View will be great resource.

Christians should be searching Scripture and learning to ask at the right questions.

That’s what Reason in View is about. We hope you’ll join in the discussion! Click to explore next steps.