Turn Your Expertise Into a Product


You are an expert in something. Chances are, someone would pay to know what you know. How do you leverage your expertise?

Here’s one way to think this through:

1. List what you know and want to share.
2. List how you could share your information.
3. Make a chart. Show what you know about and how you can share it.

Here’s an example:

What do I know about? How can I share it? 4

It was a lot of fun to think through the possibilities.

The above chart shows what I could do. The next step: what do I want to do? Which of these many options is suitable to market first? Which will help me establish myself as a trusted source of information in the fields I care about? Which options will people respond to? Is there a collection of items that work together as a package?

This chart was a clarifying step for me.

It helped me find the intersections between my expertise and my product options. It’s a start. Hopefully you can use a similar process to find your own spot in the market.


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