The Inspiration Behind Our Network


Since the “Reason in View” blog network started in February 2015 we’ve been brainstorming about an important question:

Does our group have a specific ideology?

We come from a range of Christian denominations, including Baptist, Presbyterian, and Charismatic traditions. We are brought together by a shared interest in “mind and motive from the Christian point of view.” At a minimum we know our common goal is to propel into wider discussion the topics of reason, self-interest, and individualism.

We realize it is not necessary to write with a unitary voice. As Bible-believing Christians, we already have significant unity of worldview. Our shared exposure to (and interest in) a philosophy of reason and freedom is enough to unite us for the purposes of this network.

But we also see value in offering a more detailed orientation to our ideology so that readers and potential contributors can know the particular ideas we hold on “mind and motive.”

The Inspiration Behind Our Network:


Reason is our only means of knowing the truth and thus surviving. The only alternative to following reason is to follow “no reason”—the arbitrary. Scripture calls us to think and to do what is reasonable, including reasoning about what God says.


Self-interest is proper and foundational to morality. It is practical for life because it clarifies our goals and provides motivation, leading to purpose, productivity, and pride. Scripture reveals that God is self-interested and he directs man to be as well. This glorifies God. The opposite of self-interest, the morality of self-sacrifice, in and of itself is not a virtue. But self-denial to achieve a greater self-interest is moral.


Life requires reason and self-interest, and these in turn require a society of rights. Scripture places the state as the protector of individual liberty and property, not as a nursemaid (Ex 20:13-16, Matthew 17:24-27, Romans 13:1-7, and 1 Peter 2:13-16). Individual rights are important because force stops man’s means of survival, his mind. All attempts to gain a value by initiating force are both impractical and immoral.

The more these views are known and accepted, the better it will be for the preservation of Western Civilization and the edification of the church.

We want our network to grow and to be inviting, and we understand that people need time and community in order to learn about philosophic ideas.

As we grow, the above ideas will help us maintain our network’s clarity of focus. These are the ideas that brought us together and that resonate with us. If you’re interested in getting to know more about these topics, writing a guest post, or joining the network, we hope the above inspiration will orient you to our goals and help you see the contour of the discussion.


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