The DNA of Our Organization (A Work in Progress)


As the Reason in View blog network takes structure, here are some questions we should work toward answering. This post can become a group brainstorm. If you have ideas please share them at our Quora Forum.

How do we serve people?
By what we believe?
By how we are organized?
By what we create?

What does our work consist of?
Who are the people?
What is the website?
Is there a conference?
Is there a journal?
How do people get involved?

Where did the idea for Reason in View come from?
Who founded it?
When was it founded?
When was the website launched?

What are our founding documents:
Doctrinal confession?
Philosophical/Theological vision?

How many visitors does the site have?

How many different resources does the site currently have?
Parts of the site?
Other print resources?
What topics do these cover?

Who do we partner with and in what ways?

Who have strongly influenced the writers at Reason in View?

What is our specific operating purpose: What are we doing?

What is our broad goal: What are we equipping other people to do?

If you have ideas on these please share them our Quora Forum.