Welcome. This page is a growing base of knowledge for our contributors or anyone interested.

It’s a place for the writers at Reason in View to share useful material. The main topics are ideology, strategy, and tactics, a.k.a. the goal, the plan, and the steps.



Alvin Plantinga and the Death of the Mind
Reformed Epistemology vs. Reality

15 Abortion-Related Verses to Share on Social
Use your platform to build awareness

Verses on Truth and Evidence
An 84-page collection

Verses on Judgment and Justice
A 107-page collection

Verses on Goodness and Value
A 98-page collection

Verses on Righteousness and Virtue
A 131-page collection

Reason in the Gospels
What is the relation of reason and faith?

When I Don’t Love God as I Should
A resource for worshipers

The Key Philosophical Mistake Christians Make
The arbitrary vs. the objective

Discussing American Resurrection
A chance to weigh in about Sean Edwards’ important new book.

Anti-Individualism in the Air
How do Christians and non-Christians evaluate individualism?

How to Change the World
Working together to present an ideology

The Plunder of the Egyptians
Recognizing the wealth of thinkers past

Recommended Reading
Articles to get your ideological bearings

Monday Mentions
A collection of intelligent and worthwhile reads from the opposition

The DNA of Our Organization
A work in progress

The Inspiration Behind Our Network
3 principles that brought us together


Let’s Win This
How to convince a nation to change its plan

Who Should We Influence, and How?
Young leaders, friendship, books, and blogs

Understanding Your Influence: The Progressor Model
Placing your contacts on the ideological spectrum

Using Your Influence: The Interview Method
How to engage the curious and become influential

Ideological Co-belligerents
A list of Christian and non-Christian groups we need to follow


Create a Portfolio at Carbonmade
A free and elegant way to display your work

Sell a Course on UseFedora
The free way to make quality courses

Targeting Your Facebook Ads
Grow your blog

Dates of the Year
A list for calendaring your posts

12 Ideas for Blog Titles
Some titles that connect with readers

25 Blog Layouts To See
Sites worth imitating for look, organization, or functionality.

Build Trust By Being Helpful
15 Highlights from Jay Baer’s Youtility

Finding Stuff to Share on Social Media
How to find great content all the time

Helping People Find You Online
Can a reader find all the links between pieces of your platform? A checklist

How to Create a Book Proposal (Or a Blog Proposal)
A way to get clarity on your content and audience

How To Make a Great PDF Book
Deconstructing what makes a PDF book work

Ideas for a Blogger’s Week
A template for keeping track of the details

Lessons from Jay Baer’s “Youtility”
Content marketing matters, no matter what you’re selling

Make It Shine
12 Checkpoints for your persuasive argument

Need a Blog Prompt? Here Are 88 Problems the Bible Solves for Your Reader
Finding connections between your interests, your reader’s needs, and Scripture’s answers

Platforming Services to Know About
Links to free web tools for social media and promotion

Relating to Readers
Using common ground to move your reader past the inertia

Sources for Platforming Tips
Links to free training on building your online platform

Turn Your Expertise Into a Product
What do you know that someone would pay you to teach them?