Make it Shine: 12 Checkpoints for Your Persuasive Argument


You want your persuasive argument to shine so the reader has every chance to learn from you and be convinced.

Here’s a 12 point inspection to make sure your argument is road-ready.

1. Did I visualize the reader I’m talking to?
2. Did I compliment the reader?
3. Did I avoid wrong assumptions about the reader’s level of knowledge?
4. Did I take a positive attitude?
5. Did I avoid a condemnatory, condescending, or sarcastic tone?
6. Did I show generosity toward those of the opposing view?
7. Did I follow a logical outline and avoid repetition?
8. Did I give adequate support against objections, or was I too quick to assume my point was proven?
9. Did I use historical events and facts to concretize and support my conclusions?
10. Did I take a tone of confidence and not apologize for my viewpoint?
11. Did I give the reader breathing room to absorb my points at a natural pace?
12. Did I show the practical value of my conclusion?


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