Jacob Brunton

The Christian Egoist

The Christian Egoist

Jacob Brunton is primarily a lover of truth. He is currently working toward his Bachelor of Theology Degree at Bethlehem College and Seminary, and plans to pursue a philosophy degree after that. At his blog, The Christian Egoist, he contends for “Rational Christianity–for those who love their lives”.

Justice: The Only Proper Foundation for Capitalism
If Jesus Was a Socialist He Would’ve Stayed in the Tomb
Jonathan Edwards on Egoism
Selfish Love with C.S Lewis and Ayn Rand
The Egoism of Christian Hedonism
Athens and Jerusalem: General and Specific Revelation
The Insanity of Balance
The Galt-Like God
Jesus Christ AND Ayn Rand?
Far As The Curse Is Found
LGBT vs. The Church: Why Christians Have This Battle All Wrong
Ethnic Diversity vs. Color-Blindness
Egoism or Communism: Christians Must Choose
Episode 1: Introduction & Overview
Episode 2: Objections to the Cosmological Argument
Race vs. Culture & The New Non-Racial “Racism”

Free Will Part 1: Do We Have Free Will?

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