If You Were Your Own Consultant…


You’re trying to improve your platform.

Save yourself a lot of time and money by asking this simple question:

If if were an outside consultant looking at this platform, what would I advise myself to do?

Chances are, you already know eighteen things you should be doing, and you’re scattered about which is most important. To move forward you probably don’t need to hire someone else, ask someone else, or read a someone else’s book.

Just ask what an outside consultant would say is most important, and do that.

Here’s what my own imaginary consultant would tell me.

First, here’s the big list of possibilities:

Identify your goal:
Get to know your own readers.
Learn about the market.
Describe your ideal reader and your value proposition in detail.

Build a tribe:
Mobilize your current fan base.
Funnel visitors to become subscribers, to learn your vision, and to become community leaders.
Find more true fans and equip them to spread your message.

Expand your social media reach:
Improve and expand your use of social media.
Comment more at other blogs.
Find places to write guest posts.

Utilize your blog:
Create an email magnet and grow your email list.
Put up a speaking/guest posting tab.
Start monetizing.

Polish your blog:
Make your “About” page awesome.
Get a better logo.
Do a photo shoot.

Offer better content:
Improve the quality of your writing and titles.
Become more consistent on your posting schedule.
Create a book or product.


So, Which of these is most important?

That will depend on the week. I can’t hit all of these this week or even this month, so I need to pick one.

This week my top pick is to get ahead on my posting schedule to be more consistent. Which reminds me, I haven’t posted at my personal blog yet today…


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