How to Make a Great PDF Book

Platform builders don’t read only for content—they read to learn presentation.


I’ve applied this idea to Michael Hyatt’s great new e-book: Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek, available at

Here are some insights I took (not from reading it, but from looking at it.)

If you’d like you can download the free e-book and follow along. The concepts are highly transferable.

Style of Writing:

Practical in orientation:
-“How to X”
-Speak directly to the reader in a conversational tone
-It’s okay to say “you” to the reader

Short and Punchy:
-Paragraphs about 3-4 sentences
-Grammar super accessible
-Vocabulary comfortable for a high school student
-Every paragraph has a topic sentence that could let you skim


Visually appealing:
-Memorable cover page
-One photo at the header of each major section

-Centered subheadings
-Tons of bullet points and lists

Pages are each carefully crafted:
-Small illustrations on each page
-Occasional use of charts and graphics
-Decorative border on every page
-Page number on each page (decorative)


Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
Length: 50 Pages
Word count:15,000
Words per page: 300



Table of Contents

Start with a relatable story and pivot to topic.
-Talk about importance/cost of not knowing the idea
-Your own story of how you learned this and made a change

Overview of the book

Topic 1a
-Importance of Topic
-What to do about it

Topic 1b
-What to do about it

Topic 1c
-What to do about it

Topic 1d
-What to do about it

Tie everything together from Topic 1

Topic 2 (similar form)

Topic 3 (similar form)

Topic 4 (similar form)

Wrap up the whole book

Cheat Sheet to condense the book

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