How to Create a Blog Proposal


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To get clarity on what you are offering (and to whom), consider writing a “blog proposal.” It’s like a book proposal, but it’s only for your own use.

Here’s an example of what I created for my blog, If We Will Live. It’s a work in progress. Perhaps you can take some inspiration.

What is the blog about?

Premise: Life to the full—that’s what Jesus came to give us. But what does it mean to “abide” in him? It means letting God’s word abide in us. It means setting our hearts on the God revealed in Scripture. This blog offers a philosophical approach to learning about the God we worship.

Selling Proposition: If consumers in the target market read If Will Will Live they get these benefits and features:


  • Gain deeper confidence.
  • Gain a more glorious view of God.
  • Gain a more glorious view of their own life.

-Show how to have a clearer understanding of who God is.
-Show why we worship God.
-Show how God says we can flourish.

Who is the blog for?


The audience for this blog is adult Christians active in serving their churches, possessing a college degree and a worldview favoring free markets and individualism.


The audience for this book is made up of Christians who are frustrated with the socialism and collectivism seeping into American society. They want to create a better world based on sound theology and philosophy. They read the blog to learn how to impact the world around them and think clearly about the ideological streams around us.

Target markets:

Christians who have read Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead
Readers of The Christian Egoist.
Readers of Sean Edwards: Politics, Theology, and Life.
Readers of The Soul of Atlas
Readers of Providence, not Fate
Readers of
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People working as political intellectuals.
People working as Christian authors.
People working in professional ministry.
People working as church volunteers.
People studying at seminary or Bible college.

Proven Market?

There is a proven market for blogs on faith, philosophy, and politics, as seen in the examples above.


This blog differs from most of the others by focusing on Rand’s ideas as well as Scripture to approach questions of worldview.




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