How to Change the World


You want to change the world. That’s what Reason in View is about. How are you going to do it?

Here’s one way:

You’re invited to a discussion that will shape the future activities of this community.

The discussion is: “What foundational beliefs unite us at Reason in View?”

What are the outcomes?

  1. Learn more about each other’s viewpoints.
  2. Engage more people in meaningful discussion.
  3. Clarify the shape of our future collaboration.
  4. “Beta-test” ideas for a Reason in View guide-book.

The more we’re able to involve people in the discussion (RIV contributors and other people), the better.

The discussion forum is set up on Quora. It’s called How to Change the World. There you’ll find a more detailed introduction to the series. Click to go there…

Or you can skip straight to the topics, linked below. Quora is easy to navigate, but in case you prefer to see the whole outline in one place here it is, with links to the individual topics.

Q1. Why is reason practical for life?
Reason is our means of knowledge, and knowledge is our means of survival.
-What is reason?
-What can we say to attract Christians to understand reason?
-How can we make reason real to people and inspire them to study it?
-What do we need to say to orient potential writers to the broad foundation of reason on which “Reason in View” is to be built?
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Q2. Why is reason biblically supported?
Scripture calls us to think, reason, do what reason says, and reason about what God says.
-What is the role of miracles/evidence in faith?
-What can we say to show reason in Scripture?
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Q3. Why is reason philosophically necessary?
Reason is our means of knowledge, so if you don’t follow reason you are being arbitrary, mystical, etc.
-How have we seen people in churches abandoning reason?
-What are the dangers of abandoning reason?
-Have you seen mysticism in your theological reading?
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Q4. Why is self-interest practical for life?
It’s a motivator, a clarifier, it works for conflicts (when used rationally), and leads to purpose, productivity, pride.
-What will make self-interest real to people?
-What would we need to say about self-interest to attract Christians to the idea of it?
-What will orient potential writers to the broad foundation of self-interest on which “Reason in View” is to be built?
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Q5. Why is self-interest biblically supported?
A close look at the Old and New Testaments reveals that God is self-interested and man’s proper motivation to worship is self-interested.
-How is this a more glorious view of God?
-Scripture speaks directly about self-interest. In light of this, how can we reevaluate common interpretations of the more ambiguous passages that preachers have used to contradict self-interest?
-What are some ways to introduce people to the emotionally difficult prospect of reevaluating their moral code?
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Q6. Why is self-interest philosophically necessary?
The opposite (altruism) is irrational and doesn’t work. What can be the interest of a person, except his own interests?
-What is value?
-What is morality? (Pursuit of value, self preservation, joy and happiness.)
-What are some good ways to help Christians think more philosophically about motivation?
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Q7. Why are individual rights practical for life?
Life requires reason and self-interest. One practical upshot is a society of rights.
-What is exceptional about America? (Liberty, Wealth, Health, Opportunity, Goodwill, etc.)
-What are the important challenges when talking to Christians about individual rights?
-How much of the philosophy behind individual rights does a writer at Reason in View need to know?
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Q8. Why are individual rights biblically supported?
Christians are beholden to their earthy government for the sake of the practical benefit of protection from the sword, by the sword. We owe no man anything except to love one another individually. In most circumstances we obey our government in order to avoid creating an offense. Scripture places the state as the protector of individual liberty and property, not as a nursemaid (Ex 20:13-16, Matthew 17:24-27, Romans 13:1-7, and 1 Peter 2:13-16).
-What passages of Scripture do some Christians misapply to support statism?
-What resources can we point Christians to?
-To what extent has collectivism infected American society and the church?
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Q9. Why are individual rights philosophically necessary?
Force stops a mind. One cannot gain a value by initiating force. John Locke and Ayn Rand show the need for an inductive approach to the concept of rights.
-What are the basics Christians should know about rights but don’t?
-What would a nation that fully respected rights look like?
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Your input is extremely valuable. It will help the writers at Reason in View communicate with more clarity and impact. God willing, we will change the world.


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