Build Trust By Being Helpful: 15 Highlights from Youtility


Jay Baer’s Youtility gives a ton of advice on content marketing.
It’s a great read. Here are 15 takeaways.

1. Win people by informing them.
2. Win people by asking what information they need.
3. Help people long before you sell to them.
4. Two ways to catch attention: frame of mind (inbound marketing) and friend of mine (social authority).
5. The number of Google clicks doesn’t tell the whole story. What happened before the person did the Google search?
6. The long shot to attract business is to be amazing. A more consistent and forward-thinking way: be helpful and build trust.
7. The three parts to Youtility: Self-serve information, answer every possible question, and communicate in a relevant context.
8. How does your audience get information? How do they consume it? What leads them to take action?
9. Use your blog’s internal search report from its search bar to find out what people wanted and didn’t know how to find.
10. Directly ask people what they need.
11. What problems do your customers have? How can you remove these problems?
12. Win people by answering for them: “How do I do X?”
13. When branding, first ask “What’s my story?” Then you’re ready to ask “How do I tell it?”
14. The goal of content marketing is not information created. It’s information used. So show people it is there and help them use it.
15. Win people by asking, “How can we help you become more awesome?”