A God Who Is Self-Interested


“If you can’t love a God who is self-interested and who is willing to do evil to his enemies, can you say you love the God of the Bible?

I recently asked this question to a group of friends, and the discussion was outstanding.

The consensus was “no you can’t.” The God of the Bible is self-interested, and he does evil to his enemies.

As a Christian interested in Ayn Rand’s ideas, I understand that it can be good to do evil.

That sounds strange, but here is what I mean:

In some situations it can be morally good to do evil, in the sense of harm. What kinds of situations? Those in which someone is seeking to gain value by initiating force (as in physical coercion or fraud).

Ayn Rand’s insightful treatment of this subject is helpful for Christians as we seek to untangle ourselves from the modern and unbiblical morality of self-sacrifice.

A present application:

No one today talks about bringing “evil” on the enemies of the United States. But that is what we should be doing.

We should not speak of sending soldiers to die in other lands for the sake of a “peace-process.” We send soldiers to kill people and end the enemy’s willingness to attack us. We are not there for retribution. We are there to nullify the threat to our own lives on the only terms the aggressor has made possible.

People today don’t talk about bringing evil on enemies, but Scripture does. It’s a usage we should consider bringing back.

As a Christian, if you’re interested to learn more about God’s own self-interest and his willingness to do evil to others, I recommend: Something Evil from the Mouth of God.


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