Wednesday Workshop: Sell a Course on UseFedora

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-By Cody Libolt

At you can create your own school and landing page and get started selling courses—and you can do it for free.

This is a top quality site. It’s a great way for bloggers or writers to get creative. Turn a book, an essay, or a series of blog posts into a course. Use video, audio, slides, text, and quizzes to wow your customers.

Unlike a book, a course is a premium product. Customers are willing to pay more for a it because you offer a complete package: a step-by-step series of learning activities and resources. The pace in a course is more relaxed than a book. You can take the time to express yourself and let the student get to know you and your ideas more fully.

You can also edit the course at any time. This means it’s easier to launch a “minimum viable product.” Then you can get people’s feedback and improve the course over time.

As a blogger, I’m fascinated by what UseFedora offers. Courses will allow me to repurpose ideas from my blog into something of greater lasting value to me and others. I’ve worked hard to create it, so why not take the extra step and give it an awesome package?

For people who want to create change by teaching others, there is no more powerful tool than an online course. It allows us to connect more personally and create a “wow” package. It also has the potential to earn more than our other channels. This is the one channel that all others in a sales funnel should drive toward:

  • It’s scaleable
  • It has a premium value
  • It gives us the chance to impact the most people most deeply.

I’ve also been amazed to find how easy the site is to use. Setting up my own school was easier even than setting up a basic blog. (I promise I’m not paid to tell you this. I’m just excited!)

If you’d like to check out the course I’m working on, you can find it here.