Friday Feature: Verses on Truth and Evidence

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Does God command faith apart from evidence, or faith upon evidence?

Said another way, what is the role of the senses and reason in Christian faith?

The following is an index of verses helpful for understanding the relation between reason and faith. I have included instances of miracles throughout Scriptures as well as passages that deal with the question, “Why do people come to belief?”

I assembled this resource to show that Scripture does not merely attest to its own truth. It attests to events—events sufficient to show that God is who he claims to be.

As an advocate of evidentialism, I believe there are important errors in the presuppositional approach to apologetics and philosophy.

Presuppositionalism derogates man’s attempt to use his “autonomous human reason” to ask questions about whether the claims of Christianity are true.

I consider the following passages from Scripture to be a sufficient rebuttal of the presuppositional system. These passages demonstrate a pattern: people saw the evidence of God, heard his message, and believed it. The verses are presented sequentially. They give a compelling picture of the relation of reason and faith.

Besides serving as an index for Christian writers, this document could also be used in personal devotions or in preparation for sermons or teaching.

Click to download this free 84-page collection: Verses on Truth and Evidence.