Friday Feature: Verses on Judgment and Justice

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Is the God of the Old Testament different from the God of the New Testament?

Faithful Christians need a compelling answer. The Old Testament places much focus on God’s holiness, demands, and warnings. Is the New Testament different?

The following is an index of verses for understanding God’s judgment throughout Scripture. It is the culmination of several years of study.

My method had two steps. First I highlighted every passage in Scripture, on any topic, that was conceptually oriented (passages providing or pointing to broad principles, abstractions, or cause and effect relationships). From this material I selected key passages bearing on the topic of God’s judgment.

As a result, this index does not include every verse involving God’s judgment but instead includes the material I found most helpful for a conceptual study.

In the Old Testament and New, does God judge? And what does he do when he judges?

These passages are the answer.

Click to download this free 107-page collection: Verses on Judgment and Justice.