Friday Feature: Verses on Goodness and Value

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What is “goodness”?

Scripture tells much about the individual things that are good; but it also gives a clear concept of the idea “goodness.” Goodness is an aspect of reality in relation to individual persons.

These selections will help Christians answer the following questions:

  • “What is valuable?”
  • “What should I pursue?”
  • “Why should I pursue it?”
  • “What should my motivation be?”

These passages are the answer. They give a full perspective on the values and motivations promoted by Scripture. This collection culminates several years of careful study. I’ve aimed to provide every passage that bears on the above questions.

I am especially interested in what Scripture has to say about the role of self-interest and self-preservation in morality. I have worked to leave no stone unturned. May this collection serve as a foundation for forming a correct concept of the good. So may it lead to the spiritual and intellectual growth that comes from a study of the depths of God’s Word.

Click to download this free 98-page collection: Verses on Goodness and Value.